What does your wedding colors say about you?


There's no question: choosing your wedding colors sets the tone for a majority of the rest of the decisions you make while planning your wedding.  Some brides have always had a vision for what colors will grace their wedding while others find it to be their biggest challenge!  If you struggle with where to start I would suggest picking 3 colors to create your pallet; your dominant color, subordinate color and finally an accent.  You can always add more accents colors to fill in as you are planning out your linen rentals, floral designs and creating your invitations.

When trying to determine the perfect color palette for your wedding day, have you ever wondered what the colors you've chosen mean? What energy do they give off? What themes do your colors work best with? Here is a fun list I came across that describes what they say about you:

Bright red: Exciting, energizing, sexy
Bright Pink: Exciting, happy, hot
Light pinkRomantic, soft, sweet
Mauve: Soft, subdued, quiet
Burgundy: Rich, elegant, refined
Terracotta: Earthy, warm, wholesome
Orange: Fun, childlike, happy
Peach: Nurturing, soft, fuzzy
Light yellow: Cheerful, happy, soft
Bright yellow: Enlightening, cheerful, friendly
Cream: Smooth, rich, warm
Light blue: Calm, quiet, peaceful
Teal blue: Pleasing, rich, classy
Navy: Credible, basic, classic
Bright green: Fresh, grass, lively
Dark green: Nature, trustworthy, refreshing
Lime: Tart, acidic, refreshing
White: Pure, clean, innocent
Black: Powerful, elegant, mysterious
Gray: Classic, cool, corporate
Silver: Classic, cool, expensive
Gold: Warm, opulent, radiant


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