Emily & Richie ~ September 17th, 2011


What a beautiful wedding at the always enchanting Calhoun Beach Club. I had so much fun working with the talented and adorable Emily on helping to create a stunning look for her wedding day! For the bridal flowers we kept to a elegant white design filled with anemone's, hydrangea, roses and freesia.
For the ceremony & reception decor we splashed the cream and gold rooms at Calhoun with a variety of magenta blooms. We lined the aisle of the ceremony with magenta orchids in tall cylinder vases and decorated the alter area with a combination of pink pomander balls on pilsner vases, gathered roses and bunched tulips!
The centerpieces were a bold & colorful mix of magenta and lime green. Each centerpiece was a circular vase lined with aspidistra leaves and filled with roses, daisies, dahlias and mums!
Congrats Emily & Richie ~ I can't wait to see your professional pictures!

Heidi & Jon


What a fun vintage wedding for this year with such an adorable family. When I met with Heidi & Jon to talk about their floral designs and decor they brought their adorable son Harry!! I think he had more fun running around my studio and trying to escape up the stairs as we did talk about fun flowers to compliment their very fun style!

The ceremony was at the Loring Pasta Bar in which we did floral cones to hang on the chairs lining the aisle. I handmade each cone out of a stylish white, black and gray designs and accented with black feathers and satin ribbon. I then filled them with the baccara roses and deep purple hues that we used in their bouquets! They complimented the Pasta Bars chair and deco great!

For her bridal bouquets I would have to say they may be my favorite designs of the this year so far. I used a mix of baccara and black magic roses, deep purple calla's, fire celosia, purple tachelium, lithanius, freesia with black feather accents. The mix of deep hues created such a warm and unique feel. I can only imagine how they looked paired with her deep ivory dress and her red bridesmaid dresses.

The reception was at the charming and decorative Varsity Theatre. We once again did cream ostrich feathers centerpieces to compliment the decor in the theatre very well!

Congratulations Heidi, Jon and Harry! I had so much fun working with you all and have no doubt your love for each other is everlasting! I can not wait to see th talented Natalie Finazzo's pics!

Rose & Yoni ~ Sept 3rd


What a fun unique wedding this was! Rose & Yoni hired CME&F for both Day of Coordination & Floral services. I was so excited for this wedding all year for a couple of reasons, 1. It was at the Round Barn Farm in Red Wing which proved to be a beautiful unique location 2. The elements of their wedding spoke so clearly to who they are and were so much fun to decorate with 3. I got to work with orange & yellow's in their bouquet designs, I LOVE working with yellow in flowers 4. They are such a fun couple
Yoni records music and Rose comes from a Russian background which made for a eclectic group of friends and family. There were talented musicians everywhere and lots of Russian traditions, food and talk going on. I have never seen a kitchen as packed and yummy as the kitchen of the Round Barn B&B was that day!
The details that spoke to them and were most clever with the old cassette tapes as place cards, the thumbprint tree as the guest book, the old wagon as the gift spot, the old hankies and CD mix as the program were ceremony compliments. We decorated the barn with TONS & TONS of flowers, there were tin cans with sunflowers hanging in the opening in the barn, yellow paper flowers in every window sill, fun arrangements on each table, ceremony aisle lined with shepherds hooks and lanterns filled with full blooms and then anywhere we could fill flowers or artichokes we did. No space was undecorated! There was so much food everywhere the cocktail hour was covered with Russian spreads on the tables and yummy homemade sangria!
And then let's talk about the dessert table, I have NEVER seen a dessert table such as this one. We couldn't even put out all of the desserts until some were eaten without adding another 8 foot table. It was filled with wedding cake, macaroons, chocolate homemade cakes, pie pops, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels, more pastries than I could count, a fruit covered cake and an extra large fruit bowl. Oh and I forgot about the candy table for everyone to take home in their all you need is love bags!
For the bridal party flowers we did a mix of orange, yellow and pale pink ranunculus, billies, mums and dahlias! They were stunning against their yellow dresses!
Thank you so much Rose & Yoni for hiring CME&F for your planning & floral needs, I had an absolute blast working with you both and being part of such an amazing day and venue! I wish you both unending years of happiness, music and LOVE!

Amy & Bob ~ August 27th


I had so much fun working on both planning and flower designs with Amy & Bob on their beautiful garden ceremony and evening reception at Brit's. The intimate ceremony was held at the Japanese Garden in the Como Park. The weather and sunset could not have been more perfect for this evening ceremony. The celebration then continued at Brit's pub with a candlelit hors d'oeuvres reception.

We decorated the pub with tons of candles inside complimented with bright colored flowers especially on their fireplace. We did 2 sizes of lanterns with river rock and pillar candles on the outside patio area overlooking the lawn bowling, they were the perfect compliment for this space! For her bridal party flowers we did a mix of deep pink, purple and a splash of green, they complimented her black bridesmaids dresses and Bob's daughters pretty pink, purple and green dresses perfectly!

Congrats Bob & Amy, I had so much fun working with you as you are such a fun and warm couple! Many years of happiness to you both!

Rick & Sarah ~ August 20th


I had so much fun designing Rick & Sarah's very purple flowers for their boat wedding! For the bouquets I used a mix of purple roses, calla lilies, lithanthius, freesia and feathers. Sarah's was distinguished with white calla's instead of the purple.
The mix of purple shades looked great against their purple dresses, all of the guys had complimenting white or purple calla Bouts!

The centerpieces were a surprise for the groom with his favorite Birds of Paradise in each, along with orchids, looped grass and river rock. They turned out great and he was very happy with them!
Congrats Rick & Sarah and Holden :) You are such an adorable family!

Matt & Heather ~ An Easter Wedding


Congratulations Matt & Heather on a wonderful Easter Wedding. The weather could not have been any better for this April wedding when there was not a whole lot of nice weather to be had. CME&F incorporated a lot of the spring time flowers into their designs. Tulips, lily's and cherry blossoms were everywhere. Here are a couple pictures that I took of the bouquets and centerpieces!! When we get the professional pictures I will post as I am sure they are amazing!

Bryan & Jenni~ July 23rd


Congratulations to Jenni & Bryan on their beautiful July wedding at Lord of Life Christian Center. I have never had a wedding at quite an amazing place as this. The chapel was all white and very quaint. The splash of hot pink complimented all of the white and the cobalt blue dresses perfectly! CME&F did pew cones with hot pink alstromeria to compliment the very hot bouquets! At the Northland Inn we dressed the tables in cobalt blue, black & white paisley and centerpieces with submerged white tulips. Simply beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful celebration, many years of happiness to you two.

Happy Anniversary!!!


Happy 6th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Jon!!! Once again I am celebrating in the company of my wonderful girlfriends as the Army has him captive over our anniversary but non the less I couldn't be more happy or blessed in my marriage and now with our growing family of 3 (well 4 if you count Jersey) At least this year I will get to celebrate a day later with Jon before he leaves our home for a year long deployment to Iraq................. again!

I remember our wedding day so vividly and am always asked by my brides if there was something I could change about my wedding day 6 years ago what would it be........... well the obvious is that the trends are a lot different so it would be easy to say I would have a dress with sleeves and not so poofy and would love to have the glitz and modern designs in today's decor.... but then I wouldn't be fortunate enough to say I have been married to my loving husband for 6 years because those are today's trends..... So in short I wouldn't change a thing because we made our wedding about us and in the end you can not change anything about that!