25 Things About CME!


I have seen these pop up everywhere and think they are very fun!! So here goes Christina Marie's 25 Things I am sure you are dying to know = )

1. I love to eat out and try new cuisine's

2. I love the way fresh laundry, a boat on the lake and fresh cut grass smell

3. Animals make me smile.. especially my cat & dog

4. I planned weddings at the age of 5. I would dress my poor dog Gigi up in a dolls dress with flowers wrapped around her collar, play music and have her come down the stairs for her entrance!!! I taped these moments with the largest video camera you have ever seen.

5. I love all types of music, country, alternative, jazz, rock you name it!!!

6. My favorite place in the world... well besides Fiji is my Cabin

7. I love to make homemade soups

8. If I weren't a Wedding Planner I would be a scuba instructor in Fiji or own a vineyard in Napa Valley.

9. I have WAY TOO many magazine subscriptions, I LOVE them

10. My favorite colors to pair are deep purple & oranges, Brown and light or teal blue, or Champagne and or pink with Brown....

11. I grew up in a farming family.. until we moved to the BIG city in 3rd grade = )

12. I love to run, I do many 5k & 10k's.

13. My favorite part of a Wedding is watching two sets of family & friends come together and have a blast, Oh and that moment when the groom sees his bride come down the isle... tear!

14. I love to golf (not really that great at it but love to do it)

15. My favorite time for a Wedding is Dusk or a candle lit ceremony!

16. I use too many exclamation marks when I write!!!

17. People tell me I am genuine and I smile a lot.

18. I love Sundays!! Paper, coffee, walk the dog.. and reminisce about my weddings the night before.

19. If I had 3 wishes they would be: 1. Never have to sleep 2. That the service industry would restore itself back to the level consumers deserve and pay for 3. World Peace

20. My husband is a dedicated soldier in the MN National Guard, we are a proud Military family

21. I LOVE football.... (GO Cowboys..... and well the hometown Vikes.... can they get a worthwhile QB please?!?!?)

22. I love my girlfriends, they are the best!

23. My least favorite part of a Wedding is saying goodbye to the bride & groom whom have become my friends and I realize I won't be hearing from them once a week anymore.

24. I do mood boards for all my weddings and events!! They are pretty neat!

25. My favorite corporate event to plan is Christmas or Holiday parties