Vendor of the Month - Baker


March's vendor of the month is the lovely Terri and her crew and Queen of Cakes. I had the pleasure of working with here on multiple weddings in 2010!! Not only are her cakes AMAZING, her designs are beautiful but she is so knowledgeable and creative with all of her confections!! And she is a blast to be around!! Enjoy reading up on Queen of Cakes and their wonderful staff!! As always Thanks Terri!

Phone: 952-942-7628
Address: 7104 Amundson Ave. Edina, Mn 55439

Do you customize cakes, or are there designs brides can choose from?
We have lots of great style and design books that can help inspire a couple for their wedding cake design. Sometimes they'll choose directly form a book or a picture they found on their own; But we take pride in helping make each cake special and significant for each couple by customizing with details from the wedding gown, the invitations or any ideas they may want to incorporate.

What flavors and fillings are available?
Our cake flavors are: white, chocolate, marble, yellow, lemon, red velvet, german chocolate, spice, carrot, pumpkin. Our fillings are: MOUSSES: choc, strawberry, raspberry, tripleberry, lemon, amaretto, bailey's, mocha. COOKED FRUIT: raspberry, strawberry and lemon. BAVARIAN CREAMS: chocolate and vanilla. Other good stuff: Cookies and Cream, Classic german chocolate, Deluxe cream cheese, ganache.

If you require a deposit what are the requirements?
We require a $50 deposit to book your wedding cake. We take Visa and Mastercard.

When is the balance due?
Balances, any changes and all final details are due 15 days before the wedding.

Do you offer a cake tasting session? Is there a charge? How many people can come to the tasting?
We offer tastings (Wedding Cake Consultations) Mon-Fri from noon- 8pm Saturdays 12-5pm and Sundays 1-4. They are free of charge. We mostly see couples, but our New Design Studio is big enough to accommodate larger groups, parents+planners and such.

Can couples change their minds on flavors, design etc, if so when does it need to be finalized?
No problem on changing designs, flavors or count. We just need finalization on these details by 15 days before the wedding.

Will you preserve the top tier for their first anniversary?
We provide a box for the top tier "anniversary" cake. But if you really want to freeze it for a year, chill it,get it out of the box, wrap it in plastic wrap, then foil, and put it in a plastic Tupperware or similar container in the bottom or back of the freezer.

Do you work with the florist to make sure the details match?
We are happy to field calls from florists who need details on cake shape, size and style. We are also happy to place your fresh flowers when we arrive with the cake, providing they are left at the cake table. If the florist had a particular placement in mind, we can do that if they leave us a note or sketch.

Do you supply cake toppers, cake stand, cake knife and server? Are there extra charges for these items?
We do have centerpiece cake stands for rental, (we mostly loan them out, especially on large orders). But no other stands or servers at this time.

If the bride & groom has special dietary needs can you accommodate?
We can do a Vegan cake (I recommend it for a few servings only. it's not you typical wedding cake taste.) Or a "gluten-free" option: our Chocolate Truffle Torte. This is best used as a "back-up cake" or groom's cake. Too heavy for tiers.

What sets you apart from other bakers?
Our customer service and dedication to every detail that our customers have their hearts set on is where Queen of Cakes really shines. Our business is mostly by referral, and we count on our relationships with our brides, grooms and their families as a basis for our business.

How many weddings do you average in a year?
We average about 350 weddings per year. This year we will exceed that number. That's a lot of wedding work when God only gives you 52 Saturdays in a year!

How many will you commit to on a Wedding Day?
During wedding season we average approx 15 cakes per weekend, between Fri, Sat, and Sun. How many we commit to on a particular day depends on the complexity of the design, delivery location and who books first.

What is one free tip you would give couples out there researching bakers?
One tip: Ask enough questions to find out how much your cake REALLY costs. If your baker is working with your venue to provide a cake as part of your package, you may get a better price by going to a baker directly. We would rather give a discount to our customer, the bride, than to discount to a venue or other vendor who will mark the cake up to the bride.

Suggestion: Do a little homework before your consultation, it will help us serve you better. When you ask us specific questions we can pinpoint styles and prices for you.Come in with ideas or pictures to show us, call ahead to tell us specific flavors you like (or don't like!)

Anything they can do ahead of time to help ease the stress of planning this service or detail before the Wedding day?

Ease the stress of your cake order: get your details in on flavor, design, and delivery specifics BEFORE the 15 day deadline. Then it's easy to just call in serving count at the end. We'll be more able to give your order special attention if the details are not coming in "under the wire".

25 Random things about Queen of Cake

  1. Roller Derby is the official sport of Queen of Cakes. Our Team is the Rockits
  2. We all love to cook and share lunch every day pot luck style
  3. Our shop opened in 2003 with 1 employee-Terri
  4. Katie is an avid (and successful) bow hunter who bags her deer every season
  5. Jessica is a musician
  6. Brynn is an avid gamer
  7. Alyssa "teeny cakes" refuses to break a sweat
  8. Patty owns a lovable rottweiler
  9. Katie's boyfriend is an award winning roller skater
  10. We have cupcake decals on our company vehicle
  11. Only place in town that has teeny cakes
  12. Our mascots are: phil the rubber chicken/pheasant, and Midge, the half-doll
  13. Midge has her own facebook page
  14. We've been known to pull practical jokes on each other
  15. Our bakers are tiny
  16. Brush with fame cakes include Gov Arne Carlson
  17. Our favorite customers bring US treat
  18. Our store is the size of a bathroom
  19. We play wedding movies during our consultations
  20. Our Cocktail Cakes really do taste like the drinks they are named for. Its 5 oclock somewhere
  21. Our largest single order to date was 4000 servings of cake for the MN Orchestra
  22. We can write "happy birthday" on a cupcake
  23. All the calories leak out of our cakes when you cut them
  24. Favorite shows include anything on the Style network: Clean House, How do I look? and yes, Keeping up with the Kardashians
  25. Our store is also known as the estrogen bakery. Someones always yelling, someones always crying. Usually its the same person. Terri