May VOM - Studio J Photo & Video


May's Vendor of the Month is Judd Sather of Studio J Photography & Videography. Christina Marie Events LOVES working with Judd and his crew! They are all so talented and so much fun to be around! I truly believe when it comes to a photographer that not only the talent and quality is important but also that you like them. They are around you all day. You want your photographer to be good at getting the right shots but not be in your face and noticeable. Studio J does a fantastic job at balancing all of this! They offer great package prices and really neat albums!! Check him out!

Vendor: Studio J
Service: Photographer & Videography
Location: Stillwater, MN
Contact Info: 651-762-8452<
Years of Experience - 8 Years

CME ~ How would you describe your Photography Style? -
Judd ~ Documentary – Natural, fun style with minimal posing.CME ~ What sets you apart from other Photographers? Judd ~
PERSONALITY. We really like to have fun with our clients!!
Also our fine art products such as albums, canvas prints, etc!!

CME ~ What is the cost of your average package for couples?
Judd ~ Studio J Averages $2,000 for a photography package of 8+hours on the day of, fine art albums and CD with photo copies

Judd Sather Photography Averages $4,000 for a photography package of 8+hours on the day of, fine art albums and CD with photo copies

CME ~ How many weddings to you average per year?
Judd ~ 2008 – 43 2009 - 50

CME ~ What is one unique idea you would like to throw out there?
Judd ~ Trash the Dress shoot after the wedding!! Great way to do something fun with the dress that ends up in a box for life! As Judd takes some of these shots we will come back and post them!
Studio J also has introduced Fusion HD video & camera. We are able to capture video at the same time as photos to combine them.

CME ~ What are some of your favorite shots to take?
Judd ~ Candid, documentary “telling the story” shots with long lenses, people don’t always know the macro detail shots you can get. Shots of details, rings, etc.

CME ~ Any suggestions you have for couples researching Photographers?
Judd ~ Photographers personality is more important than you think – your expressions will mirror how you are feeling. You will spend most of your day with your photographer as any one else. Being comfortable and having fun is how you should be when it comes to the photography on your wedding day.

CME ~ How long will it take to get proofs and does the couple own the photo rights?
Judd ~ We are the fastest studio to my knowledge with 5 day turnaround for 90% of weddings including artistic editing and fine art album design with online release on our blog. Delivery depends on the timeliness of the couple's decisions on revisions. Albums are printed in Italy and take about 4 weeks to print and bind by hand.

Special Bonus!! If you are a Christina Marie's bride and you book Judd's services in May you will receive a free hour with Studio J (value $300)

Thanks Judd for meeting with me, as always it was a pleasure!!

25 Random Things About: Judd Sather

1. My bald head makes me look 10 years older than I am
2. I have 3 cloned kids (or so people say)
3. I played baseball in Sweden for 3 years
4. I taught math in India for 5 months and went on a camel safari for 3 days (was a mistake)
5. I’ve lived in California, Iowa, and Minnesota
6. The only other place I’d live besides MN is Colorado or Switzerland
7. I tried out for the NFL as a punter
8. I wish I would have known about Christina Maries when I got married
9. I met my wife on a blind date
10. We had a BBQ at Pioneer Park in Stillwater for our reception
11. I’ve skied in Austria
12. Pepperoni Rolls are almost as good as a Zone of your Own Calzone
13. I own 3 remote control airplanes
14. I shot a Wedding with a German WWII dagger as their cake knife
15. The only time I don’t wear Crocs is at Weddings
16. I am a self taught Photographer
17. My favorite item on the Old Chicago menu is a Zone of your Own with Hamburger,
Pepperoni, and pineapple with a tall single neck
18. I am not addicted to my blackberry
19. but…. My highest score on brick breaker is 13,960
20. I grew up in California as a 49ers & Raiders fan
21. We launched our Senior photo & Children/Family division
22. Studio J has 12 employees
23. I love to quote 80’s comedies
24. My favorite part of a Wedding is the toasts
25. I still carry my senior picture in my wallet…… because it was the last time I had a full head of hair

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