Jon & Christina ~ 10 Year Anniversary!


I cannot believe it has been a decade since I married the love of my life and best friend!  Although when I think back to everything we have done in the past 10 years it seems like it should be that long.  We have traveled to Fiji, Italy, Jamaica, Napa and Germany,  survived 2 Army deployments, remodeled our home, bought a cabin, graduate school, ran a marathon, started my business and the greatest journey of all was creating our family by welcoming our 3 kids Lincoln(4), Emmitt(3) and Audrey(1).  

The experience I had with planning our wedding is what inspired me to create a career in the wedding industry.  About a year after our wedding I entered the world of planning and began helping other couples plan their wedding day. Shortly after I realized my passion for flowers and decor and started the floral design side of my business which has now become the majority of what I do!

 I always get asked by my brides what I would change about my wedding today if I could.  Absolutely nothing!  Of course trends and styles have evolved immensely since we were married and there are beautiful things today I would love to do but that is what keeps your wedding so classic to the times and makes it your own.  The memories of 10 years ago brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with joy.  
Happy Anniversary Jon, I love you!
 Wedding Photos: Studio J Photo
Photo Credit: Mya Photography & Design