Happy Anniversary!!!


Happy 6th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Jon!!! Once again I am celebrating in the company of my wonderful girlfriends as the Army has him captive over our anniversary but non the less I couldn't be more happy or blessed in my marriage and now with our growing family of 3 (well 4 if you count Jersey) At least this year I will get to celebrate a day later with Jon before he leaves our home for a year long deployment to Iraq................. again!

I remember our wedding day so vividly and am always asked by my brides if there was something I could change about my wedding day 6 years ago what would it be........... well the obvious is that the trends are a lot different so it would be easy to say I would have a dress with sleeves and not so poofy and would love to have the glitz and modern designs in today's decor.... but then I wouldn't be fortunate enough to say I have been married to my loving husband for 6 years because those are today's trends..... So in short I wouldn't change a thing because we made our wedding about us and in the end you can not change anything about that!

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