Back from Maternity Leave!!!~ Happy New Year!!!


I have now entered the world of there is no better feeling than the love & smiles from your children!! My husband and I welcomed our son Lincoln Robert Anderson unexpectedly on October 7th 2010. This was an entire month earlier than planned! Of course I flirted with my timeline of my last wedding booked for 2010 with it being October 16th!! While it was quite the challenge it went off without a hitch! The flowers were beautiful and the couple was so happy with their flowers and reception decor!! I really enjoyed having Lincoln down in my studio while I worked to get everything done a week after birth. We are so blessed with this new addition to our family, and couldn't be happier with our new life!

(Lincoln in my studio 1 week after being born)

Back to work!!!!!!
It feels so wonderful to be back working on weddings full time again!! Unlike the corporate world when you go on maternity leave I was still working somewhat on upcoming weddings, new client meetings and launching our new site while "technically" on leave, I used nap time efficiently because I was so excited and getting ramped up for ENGAGEMENT SEASON!! I am so looking forward for the 2011 wedding season!

Introducing Lincoln Robert Anderson
Born October 7th, 2010
5lbs 13.5ozs ~ 19 inches

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