2010 Wedding Trends


Every year I follow, find and predict what the next years Wedding trends will be so that my brides can have a fresh new trend to incorporate into their Wedding if they would like!! Here is the list I have compiled over the few months!

Shorter Engagements ~ I think the standard year is on it's way out! Brides are more eager than ever to get married sooner!! If brides are open to dates for their Wedding day I think they will have 9 months or shorter engagements. There will still be those brides that have the perfect date in mind and will stick to it!! Fridays & Sundays will become more popular than ever based on the cheaper rates and the couples who are looking to save a buck.

Letting the Maids dress themselves ~ While this was on the rise in 2009 I think brides will take it a step further in basically allowing their bridesmaids to pick out their own styles and color (but with in "some" guidelines of the bride) I recently had a wedding where all of the bridesmaids had handmade dresses that were all sorts of styles and colors and were made of the crushed iridescent fabric. They were absolutely adorable!

Iridescent and unique fabrics ~ See ya plain satin and organza material make room for a iridescent Taffeta, metallic colors, chiffon's and lace. You will see more bridesmaids wearing these fabrics as well as more veils in a lace or vintage look on the bride!

Photo booths or Photo Guest Book ~ Throw out the classic Guest book with a guest name, address and short message. The common theme most couples look for is personalized and lasting fun memories. What better way then having all of your guests individually photographed and writing you a fun personal message in a scrapbook that can easily be displayed on a Coffee table. Contact CME and we can refer an awesome photo booth or help you set up your own guest photo area!!

Natural Centerpieces ~ Expect to see more natural or landscape type themes on your guest tables this next year!! Think tree bark, moss, willow branches, fresh herbs, potted plants, or wild flowers!!


Grooms Cakes are back!!! ~ Ask you groom for his very own opinion on a cake that resembles him the most!! Ladies this is be the one decision he definitely gets to make on his own! Have fun with this southern tradition and anticipate what your husband to be will choose = )

cake channel

Hot Colors ~ Metallic, Vibrant Oranges, yellows, pinks, blues, greens and as always the staple color Black!


to order this invite or to view other designs please contact CME - info@cmaries.com

Backyard Weddings ~ More couple will be choosing to have their celebrations either in a family members back yard or a more private outdoor location. This promotes more togetherness and personalization.


Fondant is out - Bring back the tasty butter cream frosting!! Because most bakers can now create cakes in the design that only Fondant used to offer expect to see butter cream make a prominent comeback.

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