The Economy & Weddings


I was recently interviewed by the Star Tribune on how the economy is affecting the wedding industry. It got me thinking a lot about the state we are in and how it will affect the newly engaged or those in the middle of planning!

The biggest thing I have seen in the last couple month's are couples who are very budget conscious and that are reallocating where they are spending their money or cutting things out completely. I think now more than ever it is so beneficial to have a Wedding Coordinator to help you find the most for you money, cut back on costs and help keep you with in your budget. Some see hiring a wedding planner as an extra expense when in all reality the expertise and knowledge that we have on the industry and the vendors that are out there you can actually reduce your costs.

So much time is spent researching venues, vendors, decorations, invitations, etc and comparing them to figure out who is offering what and what seems like the better deal. A good coordinator will get to know you, your style, vision and budget and should have a handful of recommendations that fits all of these topics. This results in you not paying more than you planned on or end up with a vendor because it is convenient and you are going cross eyed trying to decide between them....

As the uncertainty of the economy is upon us there are still celebrations to be had and to their fullest. Planning a wedding you have always dreamed of does not have to change based on the economy and rising prices. There are many ways to still incorporate your vision and dreams without having to shell out all the dollars.

I would love to hear from you!! How are you being affected? Are you worried your planning or wedding will be? What are you doing to side step some of the high costs? Let is know if you are in the process of planning your wedding, just getting started or are already married. Feel free to email me at
Subject: Economy and Weddings.

Don't stress, you can still spend less and have a phenomenal wedding!! (especially with the help of a wedding planner)

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